This podcast will always be free for everyone for the rest of time, or at least until the internet becomes self-aware and attempts to kill us all. However, those of you who generously support my show through donations on Patreon make such a difference to the show. By a small way of thanks, I would like to honour them in this Wall of Thanks. 

Not that it's really a wall, its more of a list of thanks. But Wall of Thanks sounds much cooler:

Hannah S

Andrea P

Sarah T 

Megan P 

Michele D 

Conor F 

Donnie K

Brooks FB


Kathy B 

Jennifer I

Emma R

Claire C 

Jenny Y

Andrea P 

Brenda W 

Maggie B

Ian B

Katy H-C

Zuni P

Kathryn K

Virginia R

Lindsay C

Dianne B

Sonja M

Michelle L

Jenny C

Lindsay P

Ariel M

Judy C

Megan S

Dani N

Eduardo VF

Michal O

Miriam G

Bianca D

Alexandra C

Tony T

Emily D

Tish W

Sari G

Richard R

Lindsay W

Brice W

Haley H

Mary L

Nancy K

Anne E