The Other Half Podcast: The History of Women Through the Ages

Women make up half of the world's population, and yet history books often consign them to the sidelines. They are dismissed as merely the wives of powerful men; babymakers and nothing more. Yet women have been the driving force behind history for millennia, from female Pharoahs, warrior princesses and pirates, to the revolutionaries who sought to topple the male-dominated political systems of their day. From host of the popular 'Queens of England Podcast', The Other Half tells the forgotten and ignored stories of the most powerful and influential women in history.

The Queens of England Podcast

Too often when we think about the history of a country we think of kings and lords; castles and battles.  Even when we consider queens we think of rulers like Elizabeth I and Victoria, but what about the queens who sat beside their husbands - the queens consort?  The generations of women who held no formal power, but still wove an important strand in the tapestry of England.

The Queens of England Podcast is an alternative history of England, told through the lives of the women behind the throne.